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250ml dessert wine (preferably a botrytis-affected Riesling or Semillon)
250ml water
125g Sostanza Semolina
2 large eggs, separating the yolks from the whites
2 tablespoons caster sugar
½ teaspoon cream of tartar (optional)

Ingredients for the Berry Sauce:

100g raspberries (fresh or frozen) or other berries of your choice
1 tablespoon icing sugar

Method For Flamri:

Add water and wine to a heavy base pan. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and sprinkle in Semolina a little at a time, stirring constantly. Allow to simmer over low heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Mixture should be smooth. If it starts to dry out, add a little more water. It will not matter if there are a few small lumps.

Beat egg yolks with caster sugar until sugar has dissolved and the mixture is smooth. In a glass bowl, beat egg whites until peaks form. A half teaspoon of cream of tartar may be added to assist the process. Add Semolina mixture to a mixing bowl. Stir in beaten egg yolks. Gently fold in beaten egg whites. Mixture must remain aerated. Put dollops of the mixture into greased ramekins (or cups), cover lightly with plastic wrap and steam for 20 minutes.

Allow Flamri to cool a little before upturning onto a serving plate. Serve warm or cold with the fruits of your choice and the Berry Sauce.

Method for Berry Sauce:

Strain berries through a fine sieve. Stir in sugar and strain again. If the berries taste too sweet, add a little lemon juice. Pour over Flamri and serve.

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