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productlarge_semolinaSostanza Semolina is the crushed heart of the durum wheat more coarsely ground than for traditional wheat flours and full of natural ingredients and high protein. The versatility of this product makes it an instant success because of its various uses - e.g. porridge, sweets, bread-making, etc. Its firm character resists turning into a starchy paste when cooked, making it an integral ingredient for producing the highest quality pastas. Just mix the whole, beaten eggs and knead to make dough for your own fresh pasta.

productlarge_polentaSostanza Polenta
, which now a days is becoming even more popular, is the crushed heart of the corn commonly known as maize meal and is a big part of the Italian cuisine. It now finds itself in many household kitchens and restaurants all over the world as consumers and restaurateurs discover its versatility and great taste not forgetting the health benefits of this totally natural product. 

productlarge_5050Sostanza 50/50, Combines the best of both worlds into one packet, with a mix of both the Sostanza Polenta and Sostanza Semolina.
Sostanza 50/50 - 50% Semolina (heart of the wheat) and 50% Polenta (corn meal) is a designed product for those that enjoy the best of the two blends and the versatility of this product has made it extremely popular over the years. 

These Sostanza products are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and presevatives and are high on the list of healthy natural energy giving foods. They are Australian products.

Sostanza products were relaunched in September 2000 with redesigned packaging incorporating -

  • "Stand up pouch" bag
  • Resealable zip lock
  • Modern pack /Graphics
  • Serving suggestions
  • Product viewing window (front of pack)


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